The Actions I Took to Reach a Financial Asset of 5 Million Yen


ENG ver.

Hello, this is Pooh.

As of the end of May, my total financial assets have reached 5 million yen.

A few years ago, I had zero savings, but I have been steadily working on asset formation.

With the end of the pandemic and a significant recovery in economic activities, stock prices have also been improving.

Furthermore, my income has been gradually increasing, which I believe has contributed to enhancing my ability to make deposits.

This time, I have summarized the actions I have been taking for asset formation.

If you are struggling to increase your holdings, please consider these as references.

My current financial assets

As of the end of May 2023, here is the breakdown of my financial assets:

【May】My Financial Assets (Investment History: 5 years and 10 months)
・Investment Trusts: ¥3,120,372
・US Stocks: ¥880,770
・Defined Contribution Pension: ¥1,038,098
・Domestic Stocks: ¥51,818
Total Portfolio Value: ¥5,091,058
Month-on-Month Change: +¥280,307 Year-on-Year Change: +¥1,462,304
I have finally reached the milestone of 5 million yen!

The allocation of my assets is primarily in investment trusts, followed by the defined contribution pension, US stocks, and domestic stocks, in that order.

I allocate approximately 100,000 yen per month for investments, and last month was a decent month with a significant increase in unrealized gains.

JPN ver. こんにちは。ぷーさんです。 2023年5月31日時点での私の保有資産の運用状況をお伝えします。 私は定期的に資産運用をチェックし、長期的な積立投資とBuy & Hold戦略を採用しています。 ぜひ参考にしてみてください。 ぷーさん 保有資産のチェックを定期的に行っています。 保有金融資産合計:¥ 5,091,058 先月チェック時(4月30日)の保有金融資産:¥4,810,751...

Systematic investment through mutual funds

Invest in index funds

I primarily invest in index funds through systematic investment plans.

The core of my portfolio consists of index funds that are composed of the US stock market.

The scale and profitability of American companies are overwhelmingly impressive, and I believe their presence in the economy will remain strong.

I prioritize index funds with low fees and the ability to achieve diversification across multiple companies.

Of course, I also utilize the NISA (Nippon Individual Savings Account) system.

Let’s make sure to take advantage of it in order to minimize taxes on investment gains.

【Specific Account】(特定口座)

  • ニッセイ 外国株式インデックスファンド
  • ニッセイ 外国債券インデックスファンド 
  • ニッセイTOPIXインデックスファンド
  • ニッセイ新興国株式インデックスファンド
  • eMAXIS Slim 全世界株式(オール・カントリー)

【NISA Account】(つみたてNISA口座)

  • eMAXIS Slim 米国株式(S&P500)

I set up a monthly contribution of 40,000 yen using Rakuten Cash

I opened an account with Rakuten Securities and use Rakuten Cash to settle payments for the aforementioned index funds.

Rakuten Cash is an online electronic money provided by the Rakuten Group. By charging it with Rakuten Card (楽天カード)and setting up automatic contributions, I can receive a 0.5% point rebate.

While there is a monthly limit of up to 50,000 yen, it is highly recommended because it guarantees a 0.5% return.

Recently, the rebate rate for Rakuten Card payments has also returned to 0.5% or higher. So, whether you use the normal card or Rakuten Cash, the rebate rate remains the same.

If you have the financial flexibility, setting up contributions with both Rakuten Cash and Rakuten Card will increase the rebate rate.

For those who frequently use Rakuten Market, it is also recommended to upgrade to the Gold Card and make contributions.

Personally, I have set up a monthly contribution of 40,000 yen using Rakuten Cash.

Since I have significant expenses this year, such as prep school fees, I have set the contribution amount slightly lower than the maximum and continue to make contributions.

Rakuten Point Investment

In addition to that, when you make everyday purchases with Rakuten Card(楽天カード), you can generally earn 1% worth of Rakuten Points.

Rakuten Points can be used at Rakuten Securities, so whenever I accumulate points, I make additional purchases of mutual funds.

By the way, please note that Rakuten Limited-Time Points obtained through campaigns cannot be used for purchasing financial products.

However, since Limited-Time Points can accumulate quite significantly, I personally use them to offset my monthly Rakuten Mobile fee or utilize them for hometown tax payments.

I use the funds obtained from my secondary income to make investments.

I make use of survey sites that allow me to earn points by answering daily surveys.

Currently, I am utilizing マクロミルリサーチパネルECナビ)、キューモニター .

Although it may require consistent effort, diligently answering surveys can accumulate points equivalent to a total value of around 2,000 to 3,000 yen.

Reinvesting Dividends from Individual Stocks

I also engage in managing individual stocks, both domestic and US stocks, and receive dividend payments on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.

I reinvest the dividends earned from individual stocks into index funds.

Reinvesting Surplus Funds, Bonuses, and Other Income

By minimizing unnecessary expenses and reviewing fixed costs, I strive to maintain a positive monthly cash flow.

I aim to increase surplus funds and allocate them towards investments.

Additionally, bonuses serve as significant surplus funds, so I also invest them.

Furthermore, I allocate surplus funds from sources such as tax refunds, bank interest on deposits, affiliate income, and capital gains from stock sales towards investments, as they represent income beyond regular salary earnings.

Invest in US stocks

I primarily focus on building my assets through index funds, but I also engage in some individual stock investments.

Among them, I allocate a portion of my investments to US stocks. Many US companies operate on a global scale and demonstrate impressive profitability. Additionally, there is a widespread emphasis on shareholder value, resulting in numerous high-dividend stocks.

I believe it is worthwhile to hold US stocks with strong financial foundations, profitability, and high dividends.

Here are the stocks I currently hold

【Investment Stocks】

  • Microsoft (MSFT)
  • Intel (INTC)
  • Procter & Gamble (PG)
  • Coca-Cola (KO)
  • McDonald’s (MCD)
  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
  • AT&T (T)

I choose stocks that have solid financial foundations, strong profitability, and a history of consistently increasing dividends.

I have summarized my stock selection method in the following articles:

こんにちは。かねのぷーさんです。 今回は米国株銘柄の選び方について書いていきます。 ・銘柄の選び方が分からない・・ ・銘柄選びで失敗したくない・・ 米国株投資を始めようと口座開設まではしたものの、銘柄選びで悩む方は非常に多いと思います。 この記事では私が実践している米国株銘柄の選び方を紹介しています。 ・営業キャッシュフローを軸とした財務分析による銘柄選び ・収益構造や財務基盤が強固な銘柄を選べる...
こんにちは。ぷーさんです。 前回に引き続き、米国株銘柄の選び方について書いていきます。 ・銘柄の選び方が分からない・・ ・銘柄選びで失敗したくない・・ 米国株投資を始めようと口座開設まではしたものの、銘柄選びで悩む方は非常に多いと思います。 前回の記事では、企業の財務分析による銘柄選びの方法を紹介しました。 候補となる銘柄がいくつか決まったら、次は保有する銘柄数を考えてみましょう。 保有銘柄数が少...

Monthly investment amount

As I prioritize index funds in my investment strategy, I ensure that the allocation to individual stocks does not become too high. Therefore, I allocate only ¥5,000 per month specifically for US individual stocks. I deposit this amount into PayPay Securities and make a purchase once a month, focusing on the stock with the lowest allocation in my portfolio.

Since I regularly receive dividend income, I reinvest those funds as well.

To avoid being overly concerned about price fluctuations, I adopt a mechanical approach of investing a fixed amount every month.

JPN ver. こんにちは、ぷーさんです。 今回は、「インデックス投資と個別株投資、どちらが良いのか?」について考えてみようと思います。 私は主にインデックス投資をメインに行っていますが、同時に個別株投資も行っています。 これまでは、毎月の投資額をほぼ同じ割合でインデックスと個別株に分けてきました。 いずれも着実にリターンを生み出してくれていますが、インデックスファンドの資産の増え方はゆっくりで...

Investment in a defined contribution pension plan

I am enrolled in a corporate defined contribution pension plan through my company.

I allocate a total of 55,000 yen per month, consisting of both personal and company contributions, towards investment and management.

For the investment portfolio, I have chosen balanced funds that include bonds.

[Investment Products]

  • DCインデックスバランス(株式60)
こんにちは。Pooh@Tokyoです。 今回は確定拠出年金について書いてみようと思います。 確定拠出年金について皆さんご存知でしょうか。 聞いたことはある方はもちろん、「会社で入ってるよ」という方もいらっしゃると思います。私も今の会社で企業型確定拠出年金に加入をしていますが、ふと振り返ってみると「確定拠出年金ってどういう仕組みだったかな?」「加入してると何がお得なんだっけ?」「そもそも入る意味って...

Investment in domestic stocks

I also engage in investing in individual stocks within the domestic market, albeit with small amounts.

I utilize platforms like Neomoba, which allows investment with T-Points, and Froggy, which enables investment with d-Points.

Since I accumulate points through my everyday shopping, I thought it would be a good idea to invest those points as well.

While I don’t have specific selection criteria, I tend to focus on mature companies with a dividend yield of around 3-5% and high brand recognition.

Both Neomoba and Froggy allow the purchase of stocks from just one share, so I aim to have a diverse portfolio by acquiring one share of various stocks.

こんにちは。 Pooh@Tokyoです。 先日、1株から国内株を購入できる【SBIネオモバイル証券】 を開設しました。 今回は私がネオモバを開設した理由と今後の運用方法についてまとめてみました。 ネオモバで投資を行なっている方はツイッターなどでもよく見られ、私も気になったので調べてみるとネオモバを開設するメリットがいくつか見られましたので、今回開設に至りました。 今回私がネオモバ開設に至った以下の...
こんにちは。かねのぷーさんです。 今回はdポイントを使った株式投資について述べていきます。 dポイントが使えるお店やサービスが増えてきています。 還元率の高さや使いやすさが魅力の人気のポイントサービスですね。 dポイントの使い先に悩んでいる・・・ 貯めたdポイントの使い方は皆さんは決めているでしょうか? 私はdポイントを株式投資に使うようにしています。 【#日興フロッギー】証券口座開設できました。...

Cut down on unnecessary spending

As mentioned earlier, I make it a priority to allocate the majority of my surplus funds towards investments.

To ensure I have surplus funds available, I strive to minimize unnecessary living expenses. For example, I use Rakuten Mobile for my phone service, have basic fire and medical insurance coverage through Tokin Kyosai, utilize the Furusato Tax Payment system to select daily necessities as return gifts and reduce living expenses, and try to shop at supermarkets instead of convenience stores whenever possible. These measures help me curb unnecessary expenses.

Developing a habit of saving not only helps with financial stability but also leads to personal growth by understanding what we truly need. Living in a clutter-free environment requires less maintenance and storage space.

By surrounding ourselves only with the things we genuinely need, we can not only reduce expenses but also free ourselves from unnecessary stress.

I believe that by minimizing wasteful spending and redirecting those funds towards asset building, we can make significant progress in our financial journey.

JPN ver.こんにちは。ぷーさんです。今回は「先取り貯金」について詳しくご紹介します。お金がなかなか貯まらない、ついつい使ってしまうというお悩みを抱えている方は多いのではないでしょうか?毎月給料が入ってもすぐになくなってしまったり、ボー

Self investment

Changed jobs

To increase my income, I actively pursued job opportunities and engaged in job hunting activities. Fortunately, I was able to secure a new job with a higher income.

Although my income has increased, I haven’t significantly elevated my lifestyle. Instead, I allocate a slightly larger portion of the surplus funds towards investments compared to before.

Previously, I lived with constant financial worries and struggled to make ends meet. However, now I have a bit of breathing room. While I can’t indulge in luxury, I can comfortably maintain a normal standard of living, which brings a sense of calmness to my mind.

Considering that my cash allocation is relatively low, I am contemplating the idea of increasing my cash reserves slightly.

I have taken care of my health

Over the past few years, I have been fortunate to maintain good health without any injuries or illnesses. I prioritize regular health check-ups, vaccination, and dental visits, while also paying attention to my diet, exercise, and sleep.

Continuing to prioritize a healthy lifestyle, this year I plan to focus on strength training and running.

I aim to continue building a body that defies age and maintains overall well-being.


I have summarized the actions I have taken to reach my target of accumulating assets worth 5 million yen.

The core of my asset building strategy has been investing in index funds through regular contributions, while also allocating additional income from dividends, side income from survey sites, and surplus funds resulting from expense reduction towards further investments.

I have also focused on self-improvement and maximizing my personal income.

As the mechanisms for saving money are gradually falling into place, I believe that by continuing to maximize my income, optimize expenses, and maximize investments, both my savings amount and savings rate will increase.

For the pursuit of side FIRE and FIRE, I am determined to continue dedicating myself to actions that I can undertake this year.

That’s all for now.

Thank you for reading.


JPN ver.

JPN ver. こんにちは。ぷーさんです。 5月末時点の保有する金融資産が合計500万円を到達しました。 数年前まで貯金がゼロの状態だった私でしたが、着実に資産形成を進めることができています。 コロナも終息して、経済活動も随分戻ってきて株価も回復してきました。 また自身の収入も少しずつ増えてきて、入金力を高められたことも要因かなと思います。 今回は資産形成のために私が取り組んでいることをまとめて...