Explaining the Benefits and Recommended Methods for Saving Money


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Hello, this is Pooh-san.

In this blog post, I will provide a detailed introduction to “preemptive savings.”

Many people struggle with the challenge of not being able to save money or frequently spending it without much thought.

It’s common for monthly income to disappear quickly or for bonuses to be spent entirely.

However, by utilizing preemptive savings, you can consistently save money every month.

I personally use the preemptive savings mechanism to engage in monthly investment contributions.

Even though I’m not good at saving money, I have managed to accumulate financial assets of approximately 4.8 million yen over a period of five years (as of April 2023).

In this article, I explain in detail the benefits and recommended methods of preemptive savings.

JPN ver.​​​​​​​​​​​​ こんにちは。ぷーさんです。 2023年4月30日時点での私の保有資産の運用状況をお伝えします。 私は定期的に資産運用をチェックし、長期的な積立投資とBuy & Hold戦略を採用しています。 ぜひ参考にしてみてください。 ぷーさん 保有資産のチェックを定期的に行っています。 保有金融資産合計:¥ 4,810,751 先月チェック時(3月31日)の保有金融資...

What is Preemptive Savings?

Firstly, preemptive savings is a method where you save a predetermined amount from your monthly income in advance.

As soon as you receive your salary, you immediately transfer a certain amount to a savings account. For example, if you earn 200,000 yen, you save 30,000 yen each month and live on the remaining 170,000 yen.

Preemptive savings can help you curb unnecessary spending. When money is readily available, it’s easy to spend it without much thought. However, by living on the remaining amount after saving, you can reassess your spending habits.

Methods of Preemptive Savings

Preemptive savings can be effectively achieved through automatic deposits into fixed-term savings accounts or automatic contributions to investment trusts.

Automatic Deposits into Fixed-Term Savings Accounts at Banks

Banks offer a convenient service called automatic deposits into fixed-term savings accounts. With this service, money is automatically transferred from your regular account to a fixed-term savings account, and you can freely set the deposit date and amount.

For instance, if you set up an automatic deposit on your payday, the funds will be transferred to your savings account as soon as your salary is deposited. Even though it’s called a fixed-term deposit, it can be easily canceled or withdrawn if you use online banking.

This service is available at major banks, Japan Post Bank, Rakuten Bank, and many others.


Automatic Contributions to Investment Trusts

My recommendation is to set up automatic contributions to investment trusts. While saving money in cash is fine, it’s important to know that the current interest rates offered by banks are extremely low.

Mega banks and Japan Post Bank offer interest rates of around 0.002%. (Even if you deposit 1 million yen with a bank for one year, you would only earn a mere 20 yen in interest…)

In contrast, by diversifying the risk through investment trusts, you can expect a steady annual return of around 3-5%. Especially, products known as “index funds” have high risk diversification capabilities and lower fees.

Similar to preemptive savings, you can set a monthly contribution amount for investment trusts. On a predetermined date, cash is automatically withdrawn, and the investment is made in the trust.

Additionally, I recommend using a “Tsumitate NISA” account for those who are starting with investment trusts. Not only is the tax exemption applied upon sale, but you also have access to selectively chosen investment products, making it very convenient.

こんばんわ。かねのぷーさんです。 先日このようなツイートをしました。 ボーナスが入ったので現金を確保。つみたてNISAの上限33,333円に引き上げました。半年分ぐらいは積み立てられそうです。#つみたてNISA pic.twitter.com/mXkFnvu7QU — かねのぷーさん@少額投資家 (@poohlivestokyo) December 4, 2020 ボーナスで現金が増えたことで、つ...
こんにちは。ぷーさんです。 今回は初心者におすすめできる投資信託について解説しようと思います。 今年のコロナの影響で収入が不安定になったり、貯金を取り崩したり、生活が困難になった、といったニュースが日々流れています。このような状況の中、将来のお金の不安についても一層高まったのではないかと思います。そのような中、どのようにお金の不安に備えていけばよいか分からないという方は多いのではないでしょうか。 ...

Tips for Preemptive Savings

Track your monthly income and expenses

Before starting preemptive savings, it’s important to track your monthly income and expenses.

Since you will be living on the remaining amount after saving, it’s necessary to accurately calculate your monthly living expenses.

Using a spreadsheet like Excel to summarize your income and expenses can be helpful.

Do not cut necessary expenses for preemptive savings

Also, it is important to avoid engaging in preemptive savings by cutting necessary expenses.

Self-investment and necessary expenditures are important, so try to reduce unnecessary expenses without missing out on opportunities to save.

It is also important not to set an unrealistic savings amount for preemptive savings.

Setting a large savings amount that burdens your lifestyle can lead to increased stress.

Gradually improving your expenses within a manageable range leads to long-term sustainability.

Increase the savings amount once you get used to it

Once you get used to it, try gradually increasing the savings amount.

When you have a grasp of your monthly living expenses, you can see if there is any room for extra savings.

By gradually increasing the savings amount, you can steadily accumulate funds.

However, be mindful of increasing the amount within a manageable range.

I have also been gradually increasing my investment amount since I got used to it.

I will verify the effectiveness of preemptive savings. Since there aren’t many things I want to buy recently, I will increase the monthly investment amount for investment trusts to the maximum limit of 50,000 yen with Rakuten Card payment. Although my salary is not high, I think I can manage it if I set up preemptive savings. If it’s too difficult, I can always adjust the amount.


In this post, I introduced “preemptive savings.”

Preemptive savings is a method where a predetermined amount is saved in advance from your monthly income.

By engaging in preemptive savings, you can allocate a fixed amount for savings every month.

Specifically, automatic deposits into fixed-term savings accounts and automatic contributions to investment trusts are recommended methods.

Considering the low interest rates offered by banks, I personally believe that investing in investment trusts and earning a few percentage points can lead to more reliable asset formation.

Make sure to take advantage of beneficial tax systems such as Tsumitate NISA.

However, it is important to understand your income and expenses and gradually increase the savings amount within a manageable range.

Avoid putting too much pressure on your living expenses or cutting necessary expenses.

Incorporating the mechanism of preemptive savings within a manageable range and gradually increasing the savings amount while reassessing your income and expenses can lead to financial freedom.

I encourage you all to give it a try.

Thank you for reading this far.

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JPN ver. こんにちは。ぷーさんです。 今回は「先取り貯金」について詳しくご紹介します。 お金がなかなか貯まらない、ついつい使ってしまうというお悩みを抱えている方は多いのではないでしょうか? 毎月給料が入ってもすぐになくなってしまったり、ボーナスを受け取った後も使い切ってしまうことがよくありますよね。 しかし、先取り貯金を活用することで、毎月確実に貯金ができるようになります。 私自身も先取り...