【Life Roadmap】My Life Blueprint – Career, Side Hustle, Investment, and Health


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Hello, this is Pooh.

Today, I would like to talk about “Life Roadmaps.”

I often find myself thinking about the future, but as I delve into various thoughts and gather information, my mind becomes cluttered.


I want to organize my thoughts!

So, I decided to create a roadmap to help me organize my thoughts.

Here it is, my “Life Roadmap” to guide me towards my ideal self.

It illustrates my current pursuits, future goals, the impact of achieving those goals, and the vision of my ideal self.

I created it during my free time, and as I progressed, it became quite an enjoyable and specific diagram.

In this discussion, I would like to talk about the contents of my roadmap.

What I am currently working on

I initiated this roadmap based on four categories that I consider vital in my life:

“Career,” “Side Job,” “Investment,” and “Health.”

Firstly, let me introduce the activities I am currently engaged in within each category:


In the past, I have worked in various roles such as sales and call centers. However, I desired to acquire specialized skills, so I studied accounting and made a career transition into the field of accounting.

Currently, I am gaining experience in accounting tasks while simultaneously learning about accounting principles and taxation.

I am self-studying for the Level 1 certification in bookkeeping and pursuing studies for the US Certified Public Accountant (USCPA) qualification. However, I am facing challenges due to the complex nature of the content, and it has been difficult for me.

Side Job

Regarding my side job, I have started a blog and regularly create articles for it.

There is still room for improvement in terms of the number and quality of articles, and the traffic to the blog has not been growing significantly.

I have had limited success in monetizing the blog.

However, recently, I have been working on increasing the frequency of blog updates and expanding my presence on Twitter to reach a wider audience.


I have been diligently engaged in systematic investment for about 5 years now.

Every month, I allocate funds to investment trusts, U.S. stocks, domestic stocks, and employer-sponsored defined contribution pensions. As a result, I have been able to accumulate financial assets of approximately 5 million yen.

Although my take-home income is not high, I have managed to keep my expenses in check and allocate around 100,000 yen per month for investments through proactive savings.

While my assets have been growing steadily, I aim to make further efforts to enhance my ability to contribute additional funds.

JPN ver. こんにちは。ぷーさんです。 2023年5月31日時点での私の保有資産の運用状況をお伝えします。 私は定期的に資産運用をチェックし、長期的な積立投資とBuy & Hold戦略を採用しています。 ぜひ参考にしてみてください。 ぷーさん 保有資産のチェックを定期的に行っています。 保有金融資産合計:¥ 5,091,058 先月チェック時(4月30日)の保有金融資産:¥4,810,751...


Health management is also an important category for me.

No matter how much talent, wealth, or popularity one may have, if their health is compromised, they cannot lead a fulfilling life.

The longer we can maintain good health and stay energetic, the more we can dedicate ourselves to the things we want to do, increasing the overall satisfaction in life.

To manage my health, I pay attention to activities such as running, strength training, mindful eating, and ensuring an adequate amount of sleep.

Currently, I don’t have any issues with my health management, but I believe that consistency is the key to maintaining it.

Future Goals

Next, I will summarize the future goals for each category.


Regarding my career, here are my future goals:

  • Gain practical experience in the field of accounting.
  • Obtain advanced certifications such as the Advanced Bookkeeping qualification (簿記1級) or internationally recognized accounting credentials like the USCPA.

In my career, it is crucial to steadily accumulate practical experience as an accountant. Most domestic and international job opportunities in accounting and finance require relevant experience. Additionally, advanced expertise is often demanded. Therefore, my primary goals are to gain experience in my current company and study to obtain accounting certifications.

Since I had previously started studying for the Advanced Bookkeeping qualification, my aim is to complete the remaining studies and acquire the certification. While I have been self-studying using textbooks thus far, I am considering enrolling in a distance learning program from next year. Despite the low pass rate for the Advanced Bookkeeping qualification, I believe it is still worthwhile to pursue.

After obtaining the Advanced Bookkeeping qualification, the common path is to become a certified public accountant (会計士) or a tax accountant (税理士). However, I am interested in acquiring internationally recognized certifications such as the USCPA. Having a widely recognized qualification abroad can expand my job opportunities when seeking employment internationally.

By gaining practical experience and obtaining highly regarded accounting credentials both domestically and internationally, I aim to ensure a wider range of options for my future career choices.

These goals are challenging, but I am determined to steadily work towards them, putting in dedicated efforts to learn and grow.

Side Job

Regarding my side job, here are my future goals:

  • Regularly update my blog.
  • Grow my blog to generate stable income.
  • Increase my presence on social media platforms like Twitter.

Currently, I earn a minimal income through affiliate marketing and AdSense, but the earnings are meager and sporadic.

In the future, I aim to put in efforts to achieve a stable income stream. I want to develop my blog, reaching a level where it can cover living expenses as a side job or even surpass the income from my main job consistently. The idea of becoming self-reliant as a sole proprietor is also appealing.

I will continue to diligently share information and engage with my audience to make progress towards these goals.


Regarding investment, here are my future goals:

  • Increase my income and enhance my capacity for investing.
  • Continue with regular contributions to index funds and work towards achieving Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE).

I aim to not only cover my living expenses but also increase the amount I can allocate towards investments by increasing my income through my primary job and side ventures.

Currently, my focus is on regular contributions to index funds. However, I aspire to accelerate my progress towards the FIRE goal by increasing my monthly investment amount.

In general, it is suggested that achieving FIRE involves accumulating assets equivalent to 25 times one’s annual living expenses and withdrawing 4% annually.

For example, if my monthly living expenses are 150,000 yen, my FIRE target would be 45 million yen.

With limited investment capacity, it could take a considerably long time to reach this goal. However, by increasing my income through my primary job or side ventures, I can significantly shorten the time needed to achieve the target.

Additionally, the concept of “Side FIRE” is crucial. It involves earning half of your living expenses through work and covering the other half with investment returns.

Implementing Side FIRE can halve the target amount and allow for a reduced workload by working part-time or through shorter working hours, thereby lowering the barrier to achieving the goal.

Currently, I am making modest investments, and I intend to gradually increase my investment capacity by focusing on my primary job and side ventures.


Regarding my health, here are my future goals:

  • Maintain my current health habits and preserve my well-being.
  • Pay attention to my diet and exercise, striving for a balanced lifestyle.

In terms of health, I have been fortunate to maintain good health without any abnormal values in my health check-ups and rarely falling ill.

Therefore, it is crucial for me to continue following my current habits diligently.

I need to be mindful of avoiding overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, and lack of physical activity in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.

While I don’t always have three meals a day, I make an effort to be mindful of avoiding excessive food intake.

Furthermore, I aim to engage in regular exercise to ensure a moderate level of physical activity.

Ideal Self

By continuing to pursue the “current efforts” mentioned above and successfully addressing the “future challenges,” I believe I can get closer to my ideal self. Here is a description of my ideal self:

  • Financial Stability: I aim to be in a position where I don’t have to worry about work and have the freedom to choose my career path. I want to achieve financial independence and have the option to not work if I so desire.
  • International Lifestyle: I aspire to live and work abroad. By accumulating experience in accounting and obtaining internationally recognized accounting qualifications, I believe I can find employment opportunities in various countries.
  • Economic Freedom: I strive to attain economic freedom, where my investments and financial choices provide me with a stable income and financial security. This will enable me to have more control over my time and choices.
  • Work-Life Balance: I desire a lifestyle where I’m not bound by time or location. By growing my side business and investments, I aim to achieve FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) or at least partial financial independence (Side FIRE). This will grant me the freedom to pursue my passions and spend quality time with loved ones.
  • Family Security: I want to ensure that my family can live comfortably and without financial worries. Achieving economic stability and having adequate insurance coverage will contribute to their well-being and peace of mind.
  • Health and Well-being: Prioritizing my health is essential. By maintaining good health, avoiding illnesses and injuries, and continuing my current health practices, I can lead a satisfying life and have the energy and vitality to pursue my goals.

By working towards these ideals and making continuous progress in my career, finances, and well-being, I believe I can move closer to becoming my ideal self. It will require dedication, effort, and perseverance, but I’m committed to the journey.

Recommended Books for Reflection on Life

Lastly, I would like to introduce books that I found valuable for contemplating life:

  • “The Courage to Be Disliked” A self-help masterpiece that introduces the path of self-acceptance and growth through Adlerian psychology. It encourages living authentically, free from the shackles of others’ opinions. This book provides insights and encouragement that resonate with the reader, igniting a journey of self-discovery. It is a valuable resource for improving relationships and pursuing happiness.

  • “Who Moved My Cheese?” A heartwarming fable that portrays life changes and adaptability. Through joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure, it teaches us how to embrace personal growth and cope with change. This book is easy to read, filled with deep insights and suggestions, and serves as a catalyst for facing life’s turning points and uncertainties. It can inspire individuals to confront themselves and discover the meaning of life.

  • “夢をかなえるゾウ” An inspiring story that instills courage in dreamers. The tale follows a boy who encounters an elephant and witnesses its journey to realize its dreams despite challenges. While the story has an animated feel, it conveys profound messages and emphasizes the importance of striving towards one’s dreams. The heartwarming narrative and beautiful illustrations captivate readers, making it a recommended read for those who aspire to fulfill their dreams.

  • “Rich Dad Poor Dad” A seminal book that can change one’s perspective on money. Through comparing the teachings of a poor dad and a rich dad, it highlights the importance of asset building and investment. It also explains the basics of economics and risk management in a beginner-friendly manner. Readers can learn wisdom about money that enriches their lives and reevaluate their own financial mindset. It is recommended for those interested in finances or pursuing financial freedom.

  • “漫画バビロン大富豪の教え” A practical manga set in the world of finance. It depicts the protagonist’s pursuit of success while learning sophisticated money management and investment techniques. The story incorporates financial terms and investment strategies, allowing readers to gain knowledge, improve financial literacy, and glean insights into asset building. The manga format is highly readable, and the content is easily comprehensible. It is recommended for those interested in finance and investments.

  • “LIFE SHIFT2” Co-authored by Andrew Scott and Lynda Gratton, this book focuses on important themes in modern careers. It proposes the necessary skills and strategies for individuals to achieve success and fulfillment in an era of rapid change. The book offers practical advice and concrete examples regarding career reconstruction, personal branding, and self-growth. It serves as a guide to help readers shift their own lives. Recommended for those interested in their careers or pursuing self-improvement.


In this article, I discussed “Life Roadmaps.”

I visualized my future and goals, organizing my thoughts.

In the past, I used to proceed without a plan, but I realized that by creating a clear plan and taking action, I can get closer to my goals.

I also recognized that the daily consistent actions can be steps towards achieving my ideal self, which keeps my motivation high.

When I used Excel to organize my thoughts, I found it enjoyable and became engrossed in the process.

For those who are unsure of what to do, I suggest trying to visualize your thoughts on paper or using a computer. You might discover interesting insights.

I also want to continue building my ideal self by steadily working towards it every day.

Thank you for reading once again.


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【人生のロードマップ】私の人生設計 〜キャリア・副業・投資・健康〜
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