How Investing Has Changed My Life for the Better


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Hello, this is Pooh.

This time, I would like to write about “the benefits of starting to invest” as the theme.

Are there any good things about starting to invest?

It has been about five years since I started investing.

Not only has my wealth been accumulating every month, but I have also gained a lot of knowledge.

I have encountered many things that I didn’t know about the world’s economy and tax systems, among other things related to money.

Furthermore, as I deepened my understanding of money through learning, I believe I was able to clarify my future goals more than before.

In this article, I will share the things I have realized while investing and the changes that have occurred since I started investing.

By the end of the article, I hope you will understand that investing not only helps build future assets but also provides valuable knowledge.

I have been able to build wealth

One of the reasons I think starting to invest was beneficial is that it allowed me to build assets.

It has been about five years since I started investing, and at this point, I have accumulated an investment amount of approximately 4.8 million yen.

However, the truth is, before I started investing, I was almost living with zero savings.


I would spend money as soon as I had it and couldn’t save…

However, starting to invest has transformed my lifestyle into one where I can proactively save (invest) for the future.

By setting up automatic contributions, I can invest every month without even thinking about it.

This shift in mindset, focusing on living with the remaining money after investing,

has prompted me to reevaluate my expenses and gradually develop a savings habit.

JPN ver.​​​​​​​​​​​​ こんにちは。ぷーさんです。 2023年4月30日時点での私の保有資産の運用状況をお伝えします。 私は定期的に資産運用をチェックし、長期的な積立投資とBuy & Hold戦略を採用しています。 ぜひ参考にしてみてください。 ぷーさん 保有資産のチェックを定期的に行っています。 保有金融資産合計:¥ 4,810,751 先月チェック時(3月31日)の保有金融資...
JPN ver. こんにちは。ぷーさんです。 今回は「先取り貯金」について詳しくご紹介します。 お金がなかなか貯まらない、ついつい使ってしまうというお悩みを抱えている方は多いのではないでしょうか? 毎月給料が入ってもすぐになくなってしまったり、ボーナスを受け取った後も使い切ってしまうことがよくありますよね。 しかし、先取り貯金を活用することで、毎月確実に貯金ができるようになります。 私自身も先取り...

I have developed an interest in the global economy

The second reason I believe starting to invest was beneficial is that it has allowed me to develop an interest in the global economy.

In the past, even though economic information was constantly flowing through television, the internet, and social media,

I had no personal connection to it, so I didn’t pay much attention and mostly ignored it.

However, once I started investing my own money,

I became interested in how it would impact my investment portfolio.

If I hold domestic stocks, I find myself wondering, “What will happen to Japan’s economy in the future?”

If I hold US stocks, I think, “Will the American economy continue to grow?”

I believe the benefit is being able to view the news as something relevant to my own affairs and actively engage with it.

I have developed an interest in the country’s systems and tax regulations

The third reason I can think of why I’m glad I started investing is that I became interested in the country’s system and tax system.

After I started investing for a while, “Tsumitate NISA(つみたてNISA)” started in 2018.

At that time, I had already started investing in investment trusts with a specific account,

so I was able to become interested in Tsumitate NISA and decided to investigate it myself.

When I looked up “What’s good about Tsumitate NISA?” for the first time,

I learned for the first time that a 20.315% tax is imposed on the sale profit of ordinary stocks and investment trusts.

At that time, if I hadn’t started investing in investment trusts, I might have spent my time without knowing about “Tsumitate NISA”,

or I might have only saved money in a bank account that doesn’t grow without using the tax preferential system prepared by the government.

※Tsumitate NISA is a system that exempts 20.315% tax on profits obtained at the time of sale.

こんばんわ。かねのぷーさんです。 先日このようなツイートをしました。 ボーナスが入ったので現金を確保。つみたてNISAの上限33,333円に引き上げました。半年分ぐらいは積み立てられそうです。#つみたてNISA pic.twitter.com/mXkFnvu7QU — かねのぷーさん@少額投資家 (@poohlivestokyo) December 4, 2020 ボーナスで現金が増えたことで、つ...

Some people may say “You don’t have to learn about taxes because they are difficult.”

However, the world of money is a world where “those who know gain and those who don’t know lose.”

I still remember a scene from Dragon Zakura.

“They hide the inconvenient parts so that you don’t understand them.
However, those who use their brains can see through it and use the rules well.
For example, mobile phones.
The salary system, pension, taxes, insurance, etc. are all designed to take more money from those who don’t bother to investigate and understand them by making them difficult to understand on purpose.
In other words, if you’re lazy like you guys and don’t use your brain, you’ll be fooled and forced to pay a lot of money for the rest of your life.”
一生負け続けるバカから抜け出せ。漫画『ドラゴン桜』傑作選 - まぐまぐニュース!

If you don’t understand the country’s system and taxes, you will end up paying more and more money without realizing it.

As the maintenance of the pension system becomes difficult, the government is encouraging people to build their own assets by promoting investment.

While criticism of the government has been focused on the 20 million yen pension problem,

tax preferential systems such as Tsumitate NISA and iDeCo (individual-type defined contribution pension) were already available.

By getting involved in investment, you can become sensitive to such information,

and you can take measures against taxes while taking advantage of advantageous systems.

Let’s not just criticize and be on the losing side. Let’s learn well and stay on the winning side.

I started to be careful about how I spend my money

he fourth reason I think it was good to start investing is that I started to be careful about how I spend my money.

As the title of this blog suggests, I am aiming for financial freedom.

Specifically, I am in a state where I cover my annual living expenses of about 2.4 million yen with investment returns.

こんにちは。かねのぷーさんです。 今回は「経済的自由の達成にはいくら必要なのか?」について考えていきます。 このブログのコンセプトでもある「経済的自由の達成」ですが、具体的にいくら必要となると思いますか? 一般的には、毎年の生活費×25倍の金融資産が必要といわれています。 生活費が毎年250万円の場合、6,250万円の資産が必要となります。 そんな大きな資産持つことはできないよ・・・ ですが、経済...

To do this, it is necessary to have financial assets of 60 million yen.

Since setting this goal, I have become more careful about how I spend my money in order to increase my monthly investment amount.

For example, I am careful not to spend too much on clothing and eating out,

and the frequency of visiting convenience stores on a whim has also decreased.

You may think that “Isn’t it hard if you only save money?”, but

I found that even if I don’t spend money on luxurious meals or new clothes, it doesn’t really affect my satisfaction.

One amazing thing about Japan is that there are many high-quality products and services available at low prices.

The food at supermarkets is fresh and the side dishes are delicious.

Convenience stores also have sweets that are just as delicious as those from specialty stores.

Even clothing from places like Uniqlo and GU is of high quality,

and as long as you pay attention to basic cleanliness, there is no need to spend money on clothing.

I’m looking forward to coming up with ways to secure surplus funds in order to maximize my investment amount.

I started to think about the value of goods and services

The fifth reason why I think it was good to start investing is that I started to think about the value of goods and services.

For example,

If you own 10,000 yen worth of products that are invested with a dividend yield of 5%,

you will receive 500 yen in dividends every year.

When this comes to mind immediately,

“What kind of value will this 10,000 yen product bring in the future?”

I started to explore the true value of goods and services.

I think this way of thinking has helped me reduce a lot of waste.

However, I spend money without hesitation on things that are self-investments.

Expenses necessary for my growth such as books, reference books, English learning app usage fees, exam fees for qualifications, blog maintenance costs (rental server fees), etc.,

I spend them immediately because they are necessary for my growth.

If you hesitate to spend money when you think it’s good for you,

your motivation will be dulled and you won’t be able to change anything.

While distinguishing between self-investment and waste, let’s spend money firmly for our own growth.


This time, I introduced what was good and what changed after starting to invest.

I was able to learn a lot through investing.

The world of money is a world where “those who know gain and those who do not know lose.”

It’s good to learn about investing and taxes through textbooks and specialized books,

but I think it’s quite difficult to understand with just words.

Even if it’s a small amount, if you actually start investing with your own money,

you will be able to become interested in the movement of money in the world and the system of Japan, and I think you will understand it faster.

In a capitalist society, knowledge of money is the greatest weapon and shield for protecting oneself.

Let’s continue to learn a lot about money through investing.

When you understand about money, your actions and life will change.

Thank you for reading this far again.

JPN ver.

JPN ver. こんにちは。ぷーさんです。 今回は「投資を始めてよかったこと」をテーマに書いていこうと思います。 投資を始めると何かいいことある? 私が投資を始めてまもなく5年ほど経ちます。 毎月資産が積み上がるだけではなく、たくさんの学びを得ることができました。 世界の経済や、税金の制度など、 世の中のお金に関して知らなかったことにたくさん出会うことができました。 また、お金のことを学ぶを深め...


This is a recommended book that I read to study money