【Is English Necessary?】The Benefits of Learning English


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Hello, this is Pooh.

Today, I would like to discuss the importance of English.

Is English really necessary?

Is it worth studying now?


We often hear statements like “English is necessary” or “It’s a good idea to study English.”

On the other hand, living in Japan, opportunities to use English are limited, and the practical need for English is not strongly felt in everyday life.

However, I believe that the importance of English will continue to grow in the future.

If you cannot speak or understand English, you may miss out on various opportunities, and your potential and enjoyment in life may be diminished.

In this article, I summarize my thoughts on the increasing importance of English in the future.

Additionally, I have had the experience of living abroad for a few years, so I can speak English to some extent.

I also provide a compilation of the benefits I have personally experienced by being able to speak English, so those who are considering studying English can also appreciate the advantages of English learning.

Will English become more necessary in the future?

English is the global lingua franca

English has become the lingua franca of the world.

English is recognized as an official or semi-official language in 54 countries, with a population of approximately 2 billion people.


Having the ability to understand English means being able to communicate with roughly one-third of the world’s population. That’s impressive.

Even in countries where English is not an official language, there are a significant number of people who can speak English. Students from China and Korea, for example, study English much more extensively compared to Japanese students.

I have personally encountered many friends during my university days who were fluent in English. It is safe to say that being able to speak English is almost expected worldwide.

The world is becoming more connected

It is now common for people all over the world to speak English.

In recent years, the distance between us and people from other countries has rapidly diminished.

The major difference between the past and the present is the development of online platforms.

English has always been considered important. There has been a growing focus on the necessity of English, such as the influx of foreigners into companies and the implementation of English as the official language within organizations. However, only a few companies had such opportunities to use English.

However, with the advancement of online communication through video calls, chats, and the ease of sharing information globally through social media and websites, anyone with a computer or smartphone can now easily find work or promote themselves online. Even as an employee, you can work from home and have video meetings with people from other countries.

As the distance between people from all around the world shrinks, there will be more opportunities for job offers from overseas, as well as sending out work orders and communicating with foreign branches of companies.

The ease of communication with people from other countries has increased the importance of English even more. It is becoming increasingly necessary.

English is necessary even in Japan

I believe that English will become more necessary even while staying in Japan.

Although there are currently impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of tourists visiting Japan.

The number of foreign visitors to Japan reached a record high in 2019 before the pandemic.


Japan attracts visitors with its numerous captivating tourist spots, safety, and the ability to receive high-quality services at relatively low prices.

Especially in the tourism and food and beverage industries, people have felt a greater need for English than ever before.

Moreover, it’s not just those in the tourism and food and beverage industries who require English. The impact brought by foreign tourists visiting Japan is significant compared to the past. Various industries, including app development and web marketing, are striving to cater to the inbound demand.

Missing out on such a vast market would be a significant blow for companies and individual business owners alike.

Regardless of the industry or occupation, the increasing importance of English cannot be ignored.

Having the ability to understand English opens up wider job opportunities, and it can lead to career advancements, promotions, and salary increases. The benefits are tremendous.

Benefits of Being Able to Speak English

I have spent several years living abroad.

Having studied English to some extent, I was able to use English for work and daily interactions.

Although I wasn’t fluent and hadn’t reached a business level, I still experienced numerous benefits from being able to speak English.

Benefit 1: Essential for Employment

English proficiency is crucial for international employment opportunities.

When working abroad, effective communication with clients and smooth internal communication are required.

While younger individuals might have potential and could be hired even without English proficiency, a certain level of English becomes essential for overseas employment, especially for individuals of a certain age.

The same applies when seeking employment or a career change to a foreign company in Japan.

English qualifications such as TOEIC or TOEFL can serve as valuable assets to showcase your English proficiency.

Visible scores make it easier for employers to assess your abilities.

Having a high score can also prevent you from being eliminated in the initial screening stages.

English proficiency provides advantages in job hunting and career transitions, so I encourage you to continue upgrading your skills.


Benefit 2: Ability to Live Anywhere

I believe that being able to speak English to a certain extent allows you to live anywhere.

In my case, I initially stayed at a friend’s place, searched for my own accommodation, and set up essential services like electricity, water, and a mobile phone while living abroad.

Since it was an English-speaking country, it was natural that service providers communicated in English.

If I couldn’t speak English at all, I might have given up on the idea of living there.

While there are services specifically tailored for Japanese people in various countries, which can be very convenient for seeking advice in Japanese, they often come with considerably higher costs.

Being able to speak English brings many advantages in daily life as well.

Benefit 3: Enjoy Communication with People from Around the World

The greatest benefit is being able to enjoy communication with people from different countries.

By improving your English vocabulary, you broaden the range of topics you can discuss and gain a better understanding of the subtle nuances in what others are saying.

Even at my limited proficiency level, I was able to make friends and create memorable experiences.

I believe that being more proficient in English would have allowed me to enjoy even more.

English Learning Method

I can understand English to some extent, but since I learned it while working, my English is somewhat casual.

Since there are few opportunities to use English in Japan, I have come to think that I need to study again to maintain my English proficiency.

Therefore, aiming to improve from TOEIC 765 to 800,

I have started studying again using “スタディサプリENGLISH“.

Finished studying with Studysapuri today.
I study for one hour each day.
I’m steadily working on my English studies.

There are plenty of TOEIC learning contents, such as practice questions, explanatory videos, and vocabulary checks, which are quite comprehensive.

Even if you find it difficult to study alone, there are content pieces that are divided into about 10 minutes per lecture, making it easy to follow along.

Moreover, you can learn not only on your computer but also through a smartphone app, making it attractive to utilize the spare time during commuting or breaks for learning.



In this post, I discussed the importance of English.

With the advancement of online tools, it has become easy to connect with people around the world anytime and anywhere.

I believe that there will be an increasing number of opportunities for international work connections and communication in the future.

In such cases, it is essential to be able to understand English to be part of the conversation.

Moreover, for those who aspire to work or live abroad, a certain level of English proficiency is required.

By learning English, you open up possibilities, so I recommend studying diligently from now on.

I am also studying daily with the goal of achieving a TOEIC score of 800.

Let’s strive together!

Thank you for reading this far today.


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JPN ver. こんにちは。ぷーさんです。 今回は英語の必要性について考えていきたいと思います。 英語ってそもそも必要なの? 今から勉強しても無駄なんじゃないの? 「英語は必要」「英語は勉強しておいたほうがいい」など、よく耳にしますね。 一方で日本で生活していると、英語を使う機会は少なく、英語の必要性は実生活ではあまり感じられません。 ですが、私はこれからは英語の必要性がさらに増してくると考えて...